Meditation can be a powerful tool to manage anxiety. At Tempest, it’s one of the most important practices we teach in our program for people who want to change their relationship with alcohol.

The practice of focusing your attention inward, mindful breathing, and clearing your head can help reduce your reactivity and develop a heightened sense of self awareness. This makes a meditation practice even more relevant when we are facing new or distressing circumstances.

That’s why we created this new, free course with mindfulness instructor and Tempest Meditation Coach, Vimalasara Mason-John. If you haven’t ever meditated before, this is a great place to start—all you need to do is listen to the audio. There’s also an instructional workbook that walks you through creating a regular practice if you are interested in incorporating meditation into your daily life.

Vimalasara Mason-John is a certified professional Mindfulness Teacher, Recovery Coach, Life Coach, a Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator and Practitioner, and the co-creator of Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR) and the co-author and co-founder of Eight Step Recovery: Using The Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction.

  • 4 original guided meditations narrated by Vimalasara Mason-John.

  • Instructional workbook on setting your intention for your meditation practice.

  • Tips for setting up a meditation space at home. 

  • Learn ways to sustain your meditation practice even when it gets hard or uncomfortable.


Tempest is a holistic, evidence-based digital recovery program. Our program is for anyone who wants to stop drinking, stay sober, or take a closer look at their relationship with alcohol.